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PPG Introduces Two AIA Continuing Education Classes for Glass

November 15, 2013

PG Industries has introduced two American Institute of Architects Continuing Education System (AIA CES) registered programs covering architectural glass.

The first, “Glass Production, Processing and Performance,” examines different types of glasses such as clear, tinted and low-iron. A tutorial on coated glasses includes common application processes for low-emissivity (low-e) glasses and the impact low-e glasses can have on the energy and environmental performance of buildings. Flat glass fabrication and processing methods are covered, along with technical considerations related to thermal breakage, wind load, sound attenuation, and size limitations for glass specification.

The second, “How Low-E Coating Improved Building Performance,” explains how low-e glasses manage energy from different parts of the solar spectrum to control the transmission of heat and light into buildings. The course describes coating processes for “solar control” and “passive” low-e glasses and examines how such coatings impact glass performance and the energy efficiency of buildings. Common performance measures for glass are covered, and “spectrally selective” glazings are defined.

Both courses are designated as providing Health, Safety and Welfare (HSW) learning units by the AIA, and they can be taken online for no charge at Hanley Wood University or AECDaily or as classroom courses taught by PPG representatives throughout the U.S. Classroom instruction lasts about one hour and can be scheduled at a time and place selected by an architectural firm.

PPG offers 19 AIA CES registered programs, including three additional courses related to glass, five covering architectural coatings for metal substrates, and nine related to interior and exterior architectural finishes (paints). To view the full list of AIA CES registered programs available from PPG, including classroom and distance learning options, visit or call 888-PPG-IDEA (774-4332).

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