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Kelly-Moore Paints Offers Colors Inspired by Downton Abbey

November 21, 2013

The PBS television series “Downton Abbey” has captivated audiences with its drama and sophistication. Among the other fascinating features is the show’s home décor and style.

As many eagerly anticipate the premier of Season 4 (January 5, 2014), Mary Lawlor, manager of color marketing at Kelly-Moore Paints, has put together a series of colors inspired by “Downton Abbey” that consists of refreshing pastels and creams.

"The style and décor of the most loved show Downton Abbey are the influencers of the following colors to inspire that look in today’s home," Lawlor said. "Rich deep reds, wood toned browns, refreshing pastels and creams grounded by utilitarian grays, each inspired by the amazing settings portrayed on the show." 

The following colors are part of Kelly-Moore’s new color system – The ColorStudio Collection.

Influenced by the refreshing pastels and creams of the Drawing Room, a pale green/aqua is further softened with the use of pale rose, classic ivory and gold gilding.

• KM4827 Sonoma Sky
• KM4409 Cupid
• KM4688 Sumer Sandcastle

Yet another drawing room is drenched in warmer yellow and peach.
• HLS4238 Roadster Yellow
• HLS4287 Sonora Apricot

Influenced by the femininity of Sybil’s room, the rose colored walls combined with green, rosy orange and cream floral draperies inspire the following colors:
• KM4410 Calico Rose
• HLS4254 Maybeck Muslin
• HLS4299 Trumpet Teal
• HLS4302 Poodle Skirt Peach

Influenced by the richness of the Cora’s room, the striking blue walls, rich wood tones and creams inspire the following colors:
• HLS4211 Jitterbug
• HLS4225 Buckingham Palace
• HLS4254 Maybeck Muslin

Influenced by the utilitarian nature of the kitchen are the more subdued, grounded grays and varnished ivory.
• KMW65 Rapier Silver
• KM5826 Volcanic Rock
• KM5773 Raw Sugar