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Asahi/America Introduces the PREP Tool for Socket Welding

December 30, 2013

Asahi/America, Inc., the leader in thermoplastic fluid flow technologies, introduces the socket welding PREP tool for effortless removal of oxidation on thermoplastic pipe and fittings before welding.

Asahi’s new PREP (peel, remove, edge and plane) tool offers three-in-one convenience to quickly prepare a pipe before socket welding by removing the natural oxidation that occurs on polyolefin thermoplastics (PE, PP). Using Asahi’s PREP tool, the outside layer of the pipe is easily removed, the edge of the pipe is beveled to ensure easy insertion into the socket fitting, and the face of the pipe is planed to straighten uneven cuts. An added benefit of this one-step process is the marking of the desired insertion depth.

Asahi’s new PREP tool features maintenance-free operation and will reduce overall piping system installation time. The PREP tool is in accordance with DVS and ASTM Type B socket standards and is available in six sizes (1/2” through 2”). PREP tools are available individually or in kit form. Manual handles and spare blades are also available.