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American Coatings Conference to Kick Off with Keynote Speaker Charles F. Kahle From PPG

January 16, 2014

The American Coatings  Conference (ACC) will commence with a keynote presentation given by Charles F. Kahle, II, chief technology officer and vice president, Coatings R&D at PPG Industries. Starting with a wide lens on the future, Dr. Kahle’s address will explore the usual technology drivers that are shaping current coatings technology innovation, such as end-user requirements, broader sustainability demands, and critical environmental considerations. From this baseline, the address will  explore the dynamic changes driven by energy cost and availability, and how these changes are shaping the future of coatings technology. From the price of oil and the need for greater energy efficiency for our customers, to the role of shale gas and fracking technology on raw material supplies, to bio-based raw materials and new pathways for critical feedstocks, “the changing energy profile has everything up for debate” in the coatings industry’s drive to innovate.