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Axalta Announces Sustainable Technology Education Program at Asia Pacific Head Office Opening

January 24, 2014

Axalta Coating Systems recently unveiled the Axalta Sustainable Technology Education Program in China. The Axalta Sustainable Technology Education Program will be part of a global education program and marks Axalta’s first corporate social responsibility program in China asan independent company.

“At Axalta, we recognize the crucial role that young people and their education play in the future of both commerce and the community,” explained Charlie Shaver, Axalta’s chairman and CEO. “Our innovative technology requires the best research and scientists in industry, many of whom will be graduates of universities in China. It’s with this in mind that today we are eager to invest in the leaders and scientists of tomorrow.  We are confident that our added support will foster the technology needed to help China and the rest of the worldgrow sustainably."

Axalta’s Sustainable Technology Education Programwill support academic excellence in the field of sustainable technology and bring promising students closer to the international working environment. As part of the program in China, Axalta will provide scholarships to students at China’s top materials science and chemical engineering universities,hold periodical campus Tech Talks hosted by Axalta scientists, conduct an Axalta University Open Day and partner with universities for co-op programs. Participating students will also have an opportunity to intern at Axalta to experiencecommercial research and development and observe first-hand the company’ssophisticated product lines, technology applications, and sustainable production processes.

At the ribbon cutting ceremony for the opening of Axalta’s new Asia Pacific head office, Shaver recognized students from seven universities in China who had previouslyreceived Axaltascholarships.

“I am pleasedto announcetheAxalta Sustainable Technology Education Programat the opening of our new Asia Pacific headquarters.  It’s especially auspicious to be able to do so on the 30thanniversary in which Axalta businesses have been in China,” said Shaver. “We strive to expand in a sensible way to ensure that our customers, employees, and communities all benefit from our growing presence in China and the region. Our new regional head office accommodates the growthof our business with a comfortable and productive work environment for our employees. Our education program supports promising students in their academic development to enable them one day to contribute to China’ssustainable development.”

Zhu Xinyuan, a professor at Shanghai Jiaotong University, one of the universities that Axalta is partnering with through the education program, said, “We deeply appreciate Axalta’s support for our students and university. We are eager to partner with Axalta, a leader in the field of sustainable technologythat has taken tangible steps with this education program to improve both industry and society in China for future generations.”