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BenchMark Energy Seeks to Become Fully Reporting t

January 28, 2014

BenchMark Energy
Corp. announced that they intend to become fully reporting under
the Securities Act of 1934 with the SEC upon approval of the
appropriate regulatory agencies.

BenchMark Energy Corp. intends to not just bring the company current
under OTC Markets standards, but intends to file an S-1 registration
statement for approval in the first quarter of 2014 in hope of becoming
a fully reporting entity with the SEC under the Securities Act of 1934.

The Company has retained legal counsel, and is in the process of
retaining an independent auditor in order to begin the process of
conducting fully audited financials on the company and its current
operations. The Company's intention is to file an S-1 statement with
the SEC to become listed on the OTCQB exchange in 2014.

Any approval to uplist to OTCQB is subject to completion of audits, and
final approval by such regulatory agencies, such as FINRA and SEC.
Therefore, investors are advised to rely on our financial information
filed with OTC Markets until any such approval of filings with said
regulatory agencies.

Mark Bateman, the CEO of BenchMark Energy Corp. commented, "BenchMark
Energy is very committed to bring increased transparency, and
maintaining its objective to a higher listing. Without a doubt,
becoming a fully reporting entity under SEC standards requires a
rigorous review process and increase in internal financial controls,
but as we embark on the launch of our antifreeze product in the start
of 2014, the process of filing an S-1 registration is part of our main
goal in growing Benchmark Energy, and its standing within the markets.
Any action to upgrade BenchMark trading standards is subject to final
approval from regulatory agencies."