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CDC Study: Painters and Contractors still at risk for lead poisoning

February 5, 2014

Despite marked reductions in environmental sources of lead and increased protection from occupational lead exposure, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that lead exposure on the job remains a significant health threat for painting contractors. The CDC conducted a 9 year study (Very high blood lead levels among adults – United States, 2002 – 2011) of over 11,500 adults. Study results, published 11/29/13, concluded that occupational exposure accounted for 9 out of 10 cases of adult “very high” blood lead levels (BLLs). The CDC designates 10 µg/dL as the reference BLL for adults; levels at or above that are considered elevated; “very high” is defined as greater than or equal to 40 µg/dL.

Of 7,076 adults with high very blood lead levels whose known exposure source was their work, construction trades (comprised of painting and wall covering contractors; highway, street and bridge construction; site preparation contractors; and other construction sectors) were among of the four largest categories represented. Painting, renovation and remodeling work also figured prominently in non-occupational exposure activities that caused high BLLs. In general, the CDC reported:
·         Lead exposures "continue to occur at unacceptable levels"
·         Blood lead levels are likely under tested and their results underreported
·         Lead levels once considered harmless are now known to have harmful effects, such as decreased kidney function

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