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Ceramic Polymer GmbH Launches Sister Company Ultra Perform Coatings GmbH

February 14, 2014

Performance beyond limits" is the concept - the Ultra Perform Coatings GmbH provides specifically high quality coatings as well as repair putties and pastes "Made in Germany".

The successful formulations of one of the market-leading coating manufacturers and sister company Ceramic Polymer GmbH are extended and improved - innovative filler combinations, based on organo-ceramic® ingredients, facilitate the development of novel premium coatings for highest protection properties and product requirements.

Premium coating systems and specific repair putties with an excellent chemical resistance at elevated operating temperatures are offered.
Fields of application:

    different substrates such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum, concrete, fiber reinforced plastics
    storage tanks and process vessels for aggressive chemicals, acids and hydrocarbons
    whole sector of biogas and waste water

Unique product systems:

    coatings with patented functionality against bio corrosion induced by SRB-bacteria (Patent-No. 2448415) - "pitting corrosion protection"
    cut resistant and antistatic coatings for sleeves and rollers

With their innovative and complementary portfolios Ultra Perform Coatings GmbH and Ceramic Polymer GmbH are able to serve the whole spectrum of "corrosion protection and value preservation".

The product consultants of both companies are experienced ICORR painting inspectors - competent and targeted advice is therefore achieved.