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Evonik Launches Ambient Curing Silicone Resins

February 18, 2014

Evonik recently introduced SILIKOPHEN AC 900 and SILIKOPHEN AC 1000 silicone resins designed for the high temperature applications of industrial objects, muffler coatings and oven coatings. Due to their ambient temperature curing capabilities these resins permit energy-saving coating application of large objects which would otherwise prove difficult in a more traditional oven-cure.

Formulations with SILIKOPHEN AC 900 and SILIKOPHEN AC 1000 provide excellent long-term heat resistance as well as early chemical resistance after application, according to the company.

SILIKOPHEN AC 900 is very flexible during heating and cools down. It is also highly compatible with organic resins and shows excellent wetting properties with a wide range of pigments and fillers.

SILIKOPHEN AC 1000  provides excellent color stability.

Featuring a very low VOC content, both products are environmentally friendly and provide multifaceted, resource-efficient corrosion protection in high temperature applications.

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