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Axalta Racing Launches Blog to Promote Racing Sponsorships

March 25, 2014

Axalta Coating Systems launches its first blog titled, Fast Talk.  You can view the inaugural post called, Brilliant Flames Heads to Bristol now by visiting

Initially, blog posts will be monthly, except when Axalta-sponsored races are on the horizon.  Axalta’s Brilliant Flames will be racing this weekend in Martinsville, so lookout for a new post.  With the inception of Fast Talk, a new persona is born.  Blog fans will have an opportunity to meet and get to know Axalta Racing Girl, whose writings will provide commentary and opinions.  This virtual character seeks to engage with racing fans and appeal to a wide demographic. 

“2014 is an exciting year for us.  We’re off to a quick start with the January launch of a multitude of social media channels, and now we have the Fast Talk blog,” says Wade Robinson, Axalta Strategic Marketing and Racing Director.  “Axalta Racing Girl is sure to make guest appearances throughout Axalta Racing’s social media channels. Fans should stay tuned, because you never know what’s next.”