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MCP Unveils Rovene 6131 Fast Dry Traffic Paint Latex and Rovene 6122 Anti-blocking Emulsion

April 24, 2014

Mallard Creek Polymers, Inc. (MCP) continues to expand the markets for the company's extensive line of acrylic polymer emulsions. Recently, fast dry traffic paint latex, Rovene 6131, and an anti-blocking emulsion, Rovene 6122, have been commercialized. These are just two of the many solutions that the Performance Coatings R&D and sales personnel have introduced. The company recently announced the introduction of Rovene 6119, a −25°C glass transition temperature, styrene-acrylic elastomer that has outstanding toughness and water resistance for industrial coatings. Rovene 6131 and Rovene 6122 provide new options for fast drying, block resistance, and formulation design for high performance coatings. These products can also be used to complement MCP's already extensive offering for the building and construction market, which includes latex and thickener products for membranes, grouts, sealers, mastics, adhesives, etc.

These new concepts demonstrate the company's continued commitment to developing products for unique segments of the Coatings market. While many other polymer companies are focusing resources on large volume segments, MCP is helping the formulation expert with the broadest chemistry options to meet their customer's unique needs. Many of these solutions can be found in the Performance Coatings selection guide. It is important to note, though, that MCP's novel approach of developing its acrylic polymer emulsions 'one customer at a time' provides project options not normally available to innovative formulators. Details on these products and others can be obtained in the Performance Coatings and Construction Selection Guides.