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Evonik Offers DEGALAN Heat-sealable Coatings for Peel Packaging

May 1, 2014

Heat-seal binders from Evonik Industries are a major component of heat seal coatings for aluminum foils and plastic films. These binders provide a secure seal for food and pharmaceutical blister packaging. Lids for yogurt cups can be opened smoothly with a clean peel and with no residual materials: the heat-seal coating does not delaminate or produce stringing. As a result, PVC-free binders with DEGALAN have become established as the standard for dairy product packaging in Europe (EMEA). DEGALAN PM 666, for example, leads the market in solvent-based, primerless heat seal formulations. DEGALAN is also used as a universal binder for manufacturing heat-seal lacquers applied directly to aluminum foils in order to seal with polypropylene (PP), polystyrene (PS), polyethylene terephthalate (PET), or vinyl (PVC).

In 2014 DEGALAN VP P34, the next generation of heat-sealable bead polymers, will be launched. DEGALAN VP P34 can be applied directly to aluminum foil. A formulation with a PVC copolymer based adhesion promoter is no more necessary.

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