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PPG Takes Part in "Earth Hour" for Third Consecutive Year

May 2, 2014

 Volunteers from PPG Industries in China organized various “Earth Hour” events in Shanghai, Tianjin, Suzhou, Zhangjiagang, Wuhu, Kunshan and Foshan encouraging employees to protect the environment. This is the third consecutive year PPG has organized and participated in activities relating to “Earth Hour,” and this year drew the most participants to date.

“PPG has always been committed to environmental protection. On top of energy conservation, emissions reduction and promotion of green products, we have launched intensive education campaigns through various platforms both inside and outside the company,’’ said Cathy Yan, PPG general manager, corporate and government affairs, Asia Pacific. “In addition to our volunteers, more of our employees’ families are taking part in environmental protection initiatives. Going forward, we will continue to advocate a green philosophy through diverse activities to promote green offices, green travel and green life on a larger scale.”

In addition to observing the one-hour lights-off “Earth Hour” event, many PPG volunteer groups carried out activities under “The Blue Sky Project” theme. Volunteers in Wuhu, Zhangjiagang, Suzhou and Kunshan organized cycling activities and campaigns encouraging employees to ride bicycles, promoting a healthy, low-carbon and energy-saving way of life. Notably, volunteers in Wuhu traveled on urban public bicycles that day to encourage better use of public resources.

Volunteers from PPG Aerospace application support centers in Tianjin and Suzhou held tree-planting events, and the Tianjin and Songjiang plants launched energy-conservation and environmental-protection campaigns encouraging staff to use public transportation, grow plants, switch off unused appliances and avoid using disposable tableware. More than 20 employees from the Foshan plant and their families played badminton during the one-hour lights-off period.

PPG’s China headquarters in Shanghai designated April as the “month of greenness” and organized programs throughout the month such as excursions, weekly energy-conservation tips and a “Green Moment” photography contest.

Initiated by World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) in Australia in 2007, “Earth Hour” has developed into a worldwide environmental movement. Earth Hour 2014 – The Blue Sky Project called on more people to pay attention to air pollution, find solutions to problems with smog, and bring back a blue sky.