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Michelman Launches Nomar 73

May 5, 2014

Michelman has introduced Nomar 73, a new coating that is applied to paper and corrugated to protect packaged goods from abrasions that can occur while the package is in transit. Formulated with advanced polymer technology, the versatile new coating is an effective solution for a wide range of packaged goods including appliances, furniture, metal and plastic auto parts, ceramic bathroom components, windows, doors, and many other applications where abrasion damage is a concern.

Nomar 73 is designed for rod or blade application. It can be applied offline or in-line on a corrugator, is hot-melt and cold-set gluable, and is repulpable. It meets FDA regulations for dry food contact, and for aqueous and fatty food contact with food type IV-A, V and VII under conditions of use E-G, and with food types VIII and IX without conditions of use restrictions.