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Morgan Advanced Materials offers new Diamonex ClearShield

May 7, 2014

Morgan Advanced Materials announces the introduction of its new Diamonex ClearShield scratch and wear-resistant window coating, developed to meet the electronics market’s rapid transition to optical image scanning and data capture.With an extremely clear appearance and exceptional hardness (more than 20 gigapascals), Diamonex ClearShield has high optical transmission on glass and isoptimized for imaging performance. It is ideal for high speed document and parts processing, optical comparators and inspection systems, travel and passport document readers, as well as security and other visioning systems.

Diamonex ClearShield costs less than sapphire-laminated scanner glass products and the increased hardness of the Diamond LikeCarbon coating makes it competitive for most applications.

Morgan has supplied superhard diamond-like carbon coatings, for use inretail point-of-sale scanners as well as medical device, military and aerospace applications for over 20 years Morgan has now expanded into products designed specifically for use in high performancedigital imaging scanning equipment.  The technology is for applications where broadband light scatter can cause a loss in accuracy if the glass is not optically clear. Whether for accurate optical transmission forinventory parts management, high speed document scanning, blueprint reproduction, or scanning of financial documents, Diamonex ClearShield offers a clear, scratch resistant coating that provides years of wear resistance even in the toughest environments, according to the company.