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New DNV Gap-filling and Core Bonding Marine Approval for Scott Bader Crystic Crestomer

May 8, 2014

Scott Bader’s Crystic Crestomer® 1196PA high performance urethane acrylate structural adhesive has recently been awarded a new certification approval by Det Norske Veritas AS (DNV) for its use in marine vessel construction. According to this new approval (certification ref: K-5631), Crystic Crestomer 1196PA is fully approved for boat building as a gap-filling core adhesive for composites sandwich constructions, which are typically used to fabricate a wide range of leisure and working marine vessels including: high speed, light craft and naval surface craft, lifeboats and rescue boats.

Crystic Crestomer 1196PA is a pre-accelerated, MEKP cured (2% w/v) low density structural adhesive, specifically developed by Scott Bader for gap-filling and bonding core materials such as PVC and SAN structural foams and balsa wood.  Priming any core material used is an essential step during fabrication to ensure a complete wetting of the core material; in the case of balsa, it also effectively seals the grain against potential cracking in the event of laminate damage.  According to Scott Bader’s published technical data, Crestomer 1196PA when fully cured has a tensile strength of 20 MPa with a tensile modulus of 1.3 GPa, and a 4% elongation at break.  The superior core bonding performance of Crestomer 1196PA offers leisure boat builders in particular, the added benefit of an improved hull and deck surface finish. This is due to significantly reduced print which occurs as a result of priming and bonding in a core material. 

This Crestomer 1196PA core bonding grade is part of the well-established and proven range of Crystic Crestomer structural adhesives manufactured by Scott Bader for marine, transportation and building applications. In addition to DNV certifications, all Crestomer grades have both Lloyds and RINA approvals for a variety of FRP hull and deck structural bonding marine applications.  The Crestomer structural adhesives have been used for over 25 years by leading manufacturers of fibreglass leisure craft such as: Princess Yachts International, Sunseeker International and Fairline Boats, plus many other FRP boat builders in Europe, the USA, South America, China and other parts of Asia.

The Crystic Crestomer range is available in keg, drum and cartridge options for application on the shop floor using either manual or pneumatic guns, and static mixers and dispensing equipment for higher volume bonding needs in production.