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BASF to Focus on Formulation Solutions for Energy Cure Inks & Coatings at RadTech 2014

May 12, 2014

Visitors to the 2014 RadTech UV & EB Technology Expo & Conference in Rosemont, IL will have the opportunity to explore how BASF chemistry can enhance formulations in the energy cure inks and coatings industries. BASF will highlight its technologies and product offerings for five main market segments: furniture & flooring, industrial coatings, commercial & digital, paper & paperboard and flexible packaging. These offerings help customers learn about how BASF’s broad portfolio delivers sustainable solutions across the energy cure markets.

BASF offers the energy cure inks and coatings industries a broad portfolio of resins, binders, pigments, pigment preparations, effect pigments, specialty formulation and performance additives and minerals, and systems to meet specific applications and customer needs. "Our focus at RadTech is not on individual products, but rather BASF’s ability to deliver versatile, customized solutions to ink and coating formulators, based on their needs," said Derek Fairclough, Senior Vice President, Dispersions & Pigments, for BASF in North America. "Our application know-how and our broad portfolio can help our customers to be more successful." BASF is highlighting the theme of "Formulation solutions for energy curable inks & coatings" at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare, May 12-14, Booth 707.

"This theme acknowledges that BASF values relationships with our customers. Our capabilities among our employees, products and technology that support the inks and coatings industries are broad and diverse. By actively creating solutions together, our customers can leverage the entire portfolio offering available at BASF," continued Fairclough.

BASF’s team of experts will be available throughout the show to discuss how the company can provide sustainable solutions and apply expertise in chemistry, applications and formulations to help customers accomplish their objectives. BASF will conduct brief 15-minute presentations in the booth on May 13-14 on topics ranging from high performing waterborne UV curable dispersions, dual functional photoinitiators for low migration inks, innovative resins for furniture and flooring, food contact compliance and novel pigment preparations for UV inkjet inks.
BASF will also present the following papers at the main technical presentations sections:

    Eugene Sitzmann, Novel dual function photoinitiators for low migration and low odor packaging applications, on May 12 at 1:30 p.m.
    Paul Share, Food Contact Burden - Challenge, Chance or Collapse for Radiation Curing? on May 13 at 10:30 a.m.

In addition, BASF will launch or highlight the following products during the show and share how these new technologies can improve ink and furniture and flooring coating formulations:

    Microlith J is a new generation of high-performance, solid pigment preparations specifically developed for UV curable inkjet inks. It consists of high-grade organic pigments and carbon black, pre-dispersed in a binder. These preparations excel by their small particle size and narrow particle size distribution resulting in accurate particle size control for maximum color strength, gloss and transparency as well as excellent dispersion stability. They are easily incorporated into commonly used acrylate- or vinyl-based inkjet monomers by means of just a dissolver or other high-shear mixers without the need for milling.
    Laromer  UA 9095 is a water-based urethane acrylate dispersion with excellent warmth of wood and chemical resistance. The product also shows low yellowing and fast drying for wood furniture, flooring and cabinet applications, and is well suited for adhesion to luxury vinyl tile substrates.
    Laromer  UA 9064 is a water-based urethane acrylate dispersion with very good chemical and scratch resistance that is fast drying, shows very little yellowing for wood furniture and flooring, and is also well suited for luxury vinyl tile and laminate substrates.
    Laromer PE 9105 is a new low viscosity polyester tetra acrylate that is suitable for flexographic and inkjet inks. It is a low molecular weight, multifunctional polyester acrylate oligomer that forms tough, flexible films on a wide variety of substrates from paper and board over plastic films to metals. Because of its low viscosity corresponding formulations with Laromer PE 9105 can be applied either by conventional roller coating techniques or by spray coating. Laromer PE 9105 is a fast curing general purpose oligomer featuring low shrinkage that results in high flexibility and good adhesion on many different substrates.
    Irgacure LEX 201 and Irgacure® 127 are two new photoinitiators that comply with Swiss list regulations. Irgacure 127 is a di-functional, AHK photoinitiator with low sensitivity to oxygen inhibition, excellent surface cure and low odor after curing. Irgacure LEX 201 is a dual function, low migration, low odor photoinitiator for UV curable inks and overprint varnishes for packaging applications.

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