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The Paint Glider Cuts Painting Time in Half

May 19, 2014

Although a fresh coat of paint is the easiest way to spruce up a wall, ceiling, deck or patio, applying it can be a real pain—both literally and figuratively. The patented Paint Glider painting tray removes all of the associated discomfort by preventing paint spills, easing movement, eliminating bending and reducing the number of refills required. In fact, it enables do-it-yourselfers to roll paint virtually anywhere in half the usual time with less stress and no mess.

A 2010 poll conducted by property maintenance and refurbishment company Aspect Maintenance found that painting and decorating were the two most dreaded DIY tasks. With all the bending, moving and spilled mishaps inherent in the task, it is little wonder why homeowners can’t bear the thought of having to repaint.

The Paint Glider was conceived with these individuals specifically in mind. Developed by a professional painter, Paint Glider strives to be the last paint tray DIYers will ever need. First and foremost, Paint Glider rotates a full 360 degrees for simple forward-facing access every which way the do-it-yourself painter turns. What’s more, no turning or bending is required. Second, Paint Glider’s smooth glide surface makes it easy to push or pull. Even atop bunched-up drop cloths, the product travels seamlessly, without spilling or tipping. The secret to Paint Glider’s no-mess transport lies in its paint collection reservoir, which holds more paint for fewer refills. Finally, cleanup is as breezy as the painting task thanks to the product’s built-in spout.

All of this functionality has led the Paint Glider to be rated a Top 10 product by Mr. Fix-It, Lou Manfredini. DIY experts, however, aren’t the only ones lending praise to the product. One purchaser had this to say of her Paint Glider experience: “I purchased this last year for a painting project we did last summer. It held a lot of paint and was just perfect for the ceilings and walls in our large areas. My husband thought it was a great invention, slid right along the drop cloths, no bending over, no strain. Clean up was a snap. It got thumbs up from our household.”

The Paint Glider retails for $18.99 and will be available at select retailers throughout North America and Australia in the fall of 2014. Purchases online may be directed to