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Superior Materials Inc. Wins Evonik Distributer of the Year Award

May 22, 2014

Superior Materials,Inc., the preferred East Coast Distributor, headquartered in Garden City NY, was awarded the coveted Evonik Corporation Sipernat Distributor of the Year Award at this year’s American Coatings Show held in Atlanta, Georgia. Superior earned the award as the distributor with the greatest growth in Sipernat Precipitated Silica sales for the calendar year 2013. Sipernats find application in a wide range of industries ranging from CASE and Plastics to Personal Care, Neutra and Pharma, Food, Rubber, and Allied Industries.

Evonik Corporation, based in Parsippany, N.J., is a large and respected chemical manufacturer specializing in many facets of industry including the manufacture of Fumed and Precipitated Silicas, Fumed Oxides, and Matting Agents. Superior Materials, Inc., soon to be celebrating its 70th anniversary, is a large, fourth generation specially chemical distributor focusing in the Mid-Atlantic, Northeast, and near Mid-West regions of the United States representing leaders in industry to recipe manufacturers ranging from CASE to Personal Care, Food, and Plastics.