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Huber’s OFfers New Ultrafine ATH

May 29, 2014

Huber Engineered Materials, a division of J.M. Huber Corporation, has introduced Hydral Coat 2 Ultrafine Alumina Trihydrate (ATH) for use in coil coatings and other high performance coating-related applications.

In coatings applications with low film thicknesses, extenders are not commonly used because they adversely affect the gloss and/or performance properties. Huber conducted an analysis comparing high-gloss white and black coil coatings without extenders versus the same coatings extended with Hydral Coat 2 Ultrafine ATH. The coatings delivered the same performance, including 2,000 Hours of QUV weathering.

In addition to a partial replacement of titanium dioxide (TiO2), Hydral Coat 2 Ultrafine ATH replaced a portion of resin content. The result is a lower cost per gallon without any adverse impact on aesthetics, flexibility or durability. In the black, high-gloss coil coating formulation, a ladder study ranged from 1.5% PVC to 10% PVC without a loss in jetness or gloss.

Hydral Coat 2 Ultrafine ATH has a relatively low specific gravity, so it is more economical than precipitated barium sulfate on a cost-per-gallon basis, and it has a reduced tendency to settle in low viscosity systems. These are important characteristics in coil coatings applications.