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Sherwin-William's Skyscapes Basecoat-Clearcoat Receives SAE AMS 3095 Certification

June 5, 2014

A complete chrome hazard free coating system – including pretreatment, corrosion-protective primer and topcoat – offered by Sherwin-Williams has earned approval by SAE International's Aerospace Material Specification G-8 Organic Coatings Qualified ProductGroup. The SKYscapes basecoat-clearcoat exterior coating system reduces paint-process time by as much as 30 percent.
The AMS 3095-certified SKYscapes system that earned qualifications consists of 3M's AC- 131 Surface Pretreatment, the new Chrome Hazard Free Quick Dry Epoxy Primer (CM0483712), SKYscapes 850 Series basecoat (CM850113), and SKYscapes clearcoat (CM0850180).
Although Sherwin-Williams has had other SKYscapes systems be qualified to AMS 3095, this is the first system in which both the pretreatment and the corrosion inhibitive primer do not contain hexavalanet chromium.
SKYscapes has become known as a high performance, multi-purpose product. Besides AMS 3095 status, it is also qualified to numerous general aviation OEM specifications. Sherwin- Williams is one of the first major aviation industry paint and coatings suppliers to have a chromate hazard free system to achieve AMS certification. Sherwin-Williams provides the finest in quality aerospace coatings, but also delivers custom solutions for commercial aircraft, including a full-range of specialized livery color options in a line of products for an outstanding, durable finish. Additionally, its widespread global distribution network dramatically speeds up the custom order process so that they can now be delivered and applied within only a few days.

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