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Beckers Group Publishes Sustainability Report

June 16, 2014

Beckers Group issued its new Sustainability Report. Like last year, the report informs about the company´s highlights, product and process developments, global goals as well as local initiatives. It also reports on its vision to be the most sustainable coatings company, to be an employer of choice, and to practice social responsibility as well as adhere to transparent and ethical governance.  
This is Beckers Group´s second Sustainability Report and it fulfills the requirements of GRI, the Global Reporting Initiative (G3.1 Application Level C).

Some highlights from the report:
·        Beckers wins Sustainable Innovation Award for its Beckry Therm technology
·        Environmental goals developed to reduce VOC, waste and energy by 10% each

·        First coil coatings launched based on bio-sourced raw materials

·        Sustainability Committee established

·        Opening of a new plant in Nigeria

In line with Beckers Group´s sustainability vision, this report will only be available electronically on Beckers Group´s website: