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Tectorius Launches New Website

June 17, 2014

Tectorius, a world leader for fastener coating and assembly needs, recently launched a new website at

This new version includes a new design, along with many improved customer-oriented features, including:
Access to updated product information and an expanded product list, organized by product category.
Online order processing. Integration with the online Square, Inc. Market (, allows Tectorius customers in the U.S. to quickly and easily order select retail products.
New product data sheet series. This up-to-date series of information is expanded to cover more products offered by Tectorius.
Links to Tectorius social media platforms, creating an open channel of communication for customer inquiries.

“We kept our customers’ needs a priority while constructing the new website. Its improved features will especially benefit our international customers, allowing them to access product information at any time of day or night. Our customers will be less effected by conflicting time zones,” said General Manager, William Mackowski.