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Entegris Invests $55 Million to Open i2m Center for Advanced Materials Science

June 20, 2014

Entegris i2M Center for Advanced Materials Science (i2M Center) is one of the world's most advanced centers for the research, development and manufacturing of filtration media technologies and proprietary, innovative low-temperature coating technologies. These products are core components for filtration and electrostatic clamp (E-Chucks) solutions used in semiconductor and other demanding manufacturing environments.

Entegris Inc.has announced its new i2M Centre for Advanced Materials Science, which is the result of a $55 million investment in Bedford, Mass. The facility will serve as the main innovation centre for developing filtration and specialty coating technologies, which are used to improve yields in microelectronics manufacturing environments. Located in Bedford, MA, the 80,000 square foot i2M Center includes approximately 6,000 square feet of rated cleanroom space.

"i2M" stands for "ideas to market" and represents the focus of the new facility on innovation in the area of materials science. The i2M Center is home to approximately 100 employees, many of whom hold advanced engineering degrees in chemical engineering and related sciences.