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Sivance Unveils C1008 Silicone Curative to Improve Epoxy Polysiloxane Topcoats Flexibility

July 1, 2014

SiVance, LLC has developed a new silicone curative that improves the durable flexibility of epoxy polysiloxane topcoats without sacrificing weather ability. The development of this curative solves a major drawback to epoxy polysiloxanes: brittleness and cracking that develops over time as the coating continues to cure. This new product is called C1008 Curative and is available in commercial quantities. The product is currently registered under TSCA and REACH, with other global approvals in progress. Coatings subjected to a ½ inch mandrel bend test after aging. Sample A: Commercial epoxy polysiloxane shows cracking and delamination after only 1 week aging. Sample B: The same commercial epoxy polysiloxane modified with C1008 Curative passes the bend test after aging for 1 year.
C1008 Curative utilizes a proprietary structure that provides enhanced compatibility in epoxy systems. The product is fully miscible with hydrogenated bisphenol-A epoxy resins. Compatibilization of C1008 in other epoxy resins is possible with the use of solvents (MEK, xylenes, etc.) or reactive diluents.

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