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PPG Reiterates Responsible Care Commitment at AICM Event

July 10, 2014

PPG Industries  recently participated in the Responsible Care Beijing Manifesto Ceremony held by the Association of International Chemical Manufacturers (AICM). At the ceremony, themed “Join Us, Road to Responsible Care Excellence,” PPG and 39 other AICM member companies reiterated their commitment to the principles of “responsible care” and vowed to make greater efforts to promote environmental protection in China.

In 2008, PPG joined 23 other multinational member companies of AICM in signing the Responsible Care Beijing Manifesto. Six years later, the number of companies signing the manifesto has expanded to 40.

“In order to fulfill our social responsibility, PPG has organized a variety of events that help our neighboring communities know the important role of our products s in everyday life. These events also help raise awareness of environmental protection,” said Cathy Yan, PPG general manager, corporate and government affairs, Asia Pacific. “We are glad to see more companies join us in promoting sustainable development and practices.”

Yan signed the new Responsible Care Beijing Manifesto on behalf of PPG.

Since signing the previous version of AICM’s manifesto in 2008, PPG has organized regular “Eco Classroom” open day events, during which the company shares its measures and achievements in sustainable development with the public. In addition, as a leading supplier of coatings and specialty materials, PPG adheres to a sustainable growth strategy and regularly launches eco-friendly products and technologies in the Chinese market.