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TECHKON Offers ColorCatcher

July 14, 2014

The smartphone app ColorCatcher turns a smartphone into a color capturing device. Precise Lab- and sRGB color values and the matching color of the RAL Classic colorbook will be displayed.

TECHKON, as a premium supplier of color measurement systems and software solutions brings a powerful color specifying solution for smartphones and tablets that is fun and easy to use.

ColorCatcher consists of two parts: The ColorCatcher smartphone app and the ColorChart at the size of a credit card. The user places the ColorChart on the color sample he wants to capture and launches the ColorCatcher app. The smartphone camera detects the ColorChart automatically. Now, with TECHKON GmbH’s IP-secured ColorCatcher technology the app generates color-confident color data. The captured color will be transformed into precise Lab and sRGB color values and the matching color of the RAL Classic colorbook will be displayed. RAL is an international leading color standard for professionals in industry, architecture and design.

TECHKON offers customer specific solutions for manufacturers of paint and varnishes as well as for suppliers of color-based products (e.g. cosmetics, fabrics, etc.). According to the request TECHKON offers the core module for accurate color capturing to be integrated into existing apps or the development of an entire customer specific application. This can include the design and implementation of the graphic user interface, the integration to databases and the customization of the size and layout of the ColorChart so it can be embedded into a company‘s corporate identity on any kind of printed product.

The technology is available for the current mobile device platforms such as Apple iOS, Android and Windows. Additionally TECHKON offers marketing services for developing business models around the ColorCatcher technology.