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BASF Receives Registration for First Wood Protection Nets

July 18, 2014

 The novel, patented net technology Storanet has received registration for commercialization in Germany. BASF can now provide the first non-liquid technology to prevent pest problems in harvested timber. Since it does not need to be applied with conventional spraying systems, it can significantly reduce the risk of exposure for operators, as well as the environment, making the net a significant improvement towards more sustainable forest protection.

Storanet is a high performance net coated with an insecticide, specifically designed for covering or wrapping timber piles. The fibers in the net are treated with an exclusive coating technology developed by BASF that controls the amount of insecticide available on the surface of the net. Due to this process, Storanet uses eight times less active ingredient than conventional treatments, still achieving the same level of control. Furthermore, BASF’s solution can be used in some conservation areas, where spraying is highly restricted.

The Storanet technology also offers economic benefits. It is quicker to apply and when reused as recommended, can reduce treatment costs by up to 70 percent compared to liquid insecticides.

“With this pioneering approach, we are certainly changing the face of wood protection. The only products on the market to combat bark beetles are liquids and have to be sprayed. With Storanet, we will help our customers save precious application time and achieve consistent, quality performance,” said Thomas Zühlke, Forestry Manager Europe BASF Crop Protection. The nets can be used at any level of pest pressure, weather conditions and type of forest situation all season long. Furthermore, safe and easy handling allows application without special training. “The nets retain their efficacy for six months, can be reused up to five times and can be disposed of in an environmentally compatible way,” explained Zühlke.