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Flowcrete Americas Expands to Support Business Growth

July 21, 2014

Flowcrete Americas has moved its center of operations to a new facility to meet a rise in demand for its specialist polymer floor systems across the U.S., Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean.

The 30,000 square foot facility, located in Spring, Texas, will allow the flooring manufacturer to more than double its production capacity from 10 million pounds per year to over 20 million pounds.

This development has been designed to not only significantly boost the company’s manufacturing output but also to enable Flowcrete Americas to build upon its reputation for high levels of customer satisfaction by ensuring a superior response capacity despite a sharp rise in demand and workload.

The managing director of Flowcrete Americas, Dave McNeece, said: “Over the past decade the Americas’ construction industry has really embraced our products, so much so that we have now outgrown the production capacity and working space of our previous facility.

“This new premises will do a great deal to meet our current manufacturing requirements while also future-proofing the business, meaning that we can confidently continue with the business expansion plan Flowcrete Americas has put in place across both North America and Latin America.

“Our clients will see a direct and immediate benefit from this development as it will allow us to produce more materials and deliver them to construction sites faster - reducing lead times for even the largest orders.”

Officially to open in September, the new facility will include a long list of advantages over the flooring specialist’s previous site. The total area of the building is almost double that of the old one, allowing for significantly larger production, office, warehouse and laboratory areas as well as 6 more loading docks and double the number of both packaging and liquid mixer stations.

The plant has been constructed with the principles of safety firmly in mind and it will feature a highly protective fire suppression system that includes a foam based high density ceiling sprinkler system as well as end rack sprinklers.

Flowcrete Americas, part of the UK based Flowcrete Group Ltd, has been a leading manufacturer of polymer floor and wall coating solutions since it began operating in 2004. Its systems have been designed for use in a variety of environments including heavy industry, large-scale commercial locations and government facilities.

In addition to the company’s manufacturing plant, it also has a West Coast warehousing facility in Los Angeles, California and sales representatives working across the U.S., Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean.