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Munson Machinary to Expand Headquarters

July 21, 2014

Munson Machinery is expanding the size of its Utica, New York, headquarters by approximately one-third, it was announced by Charles Divine, President and CEO.

“The expansion will boost our fabrication and assembly capabilities to increase production and reduce lead times,” says Divine, “and permit reorganizing of existing manufacturing space to improve work flow and efficiency.  It will also allow us to increase the size of our test lab.”

The additional space includes an expanded assembly area with 22 ft (6.7 m) high bays and two bridge crane systems to accommodate larger machines, a new shipping and receiving area with loading dock, and space for a new water jet, sheet metal rollers and additional welding centers.

The Test Lab facility, where customers are invited to test their materials on full-sized Munson equipment, will double in size, allowing multiple tests to be conducted concurrently.

The expansion of the Utica location, which also houses the administrative offices for worldwide sales and marketing, will be completed in July 2014.