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UV Cured Adhesives Used to Create Art

August 7, 2014

Sidney Hutter is an artist who uses UV cured adhesives to create beautiful glass sculptures. Hutter has developed his sculpting process on his own. The artist’s system starts with using UVP BP100 UV lights for spot curing. He takes two pieces of cleaned glass and then applies the adhesives to one piece and positions the other piece on top. After the adhesive is spread evenly and fixed in place, he uses a modified UVP BP100 light to cure the adhesive.  After spot curing the glass he then cures the adhesives with a Loctite 7400, a 25-milliwatt-per-centimeter-sqaured power bulb. For his pieces, Hutter uses Dymax Light Weld GR212A, a medium

viscosity crystal clear UV curing adhesive and GR217A, a higher viscosity UV adhesive.
“Over the years, I have used machines and materials that have been specifically developed for my work to create sculptures,” Hutton said. “I use cold-working techniques: cutting, stacking and laminating sheets of glass to create volumetric forms. My interest in technological advancements of various formulations of ultraviolet adhesives, dyes and pigments lead to the incorporation of pieces with an amazing spectrum of color.”

The artwork can be viewed at

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