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HMG Paints Gets Radio-Active with Ectoplasm Green

August 15, 2014

With hundreds of colors created on a daily basis finding a memorable and relevant name for a paint color can be a chore and result in some unique and bizarre names.  HMG Paints Ltd. of Manchester has more than 150,000 colors in their archive so when it came to naming a new Green developed by their Advanced Color Styling team they enlisted the help of local radio station XFM Manchester and their listeners.

The radio station presenters Tim Cocker and Jim Salveson had discussed paint names during a show after their own color dilemmas. The breakfast show hosts were enthusiastic to get involved naming the new color and getting their listeners involved when offered the opportunity by HMG.

As usual the XFM Manchester listeners were full of fantastic suggestions submitted via Facebook, Twitter and SMS. Some of the leading suggestions had a musical theme including, Red Hot Chilli Peppers' Lukewarm Jalapeño, Radio(active) along with some more unique names like Chippy Tea Pea, XF-Phlegm and Nuclear Pesto.  Eventually Ectoplasm was chosen as the winning name inspired by the 1984 blockbuster Ghostbusters.

“Tim, Jim and the XFM listeners have done a cracking job and had a tough job to choose the name. XFM Ectoplasm will now be added to our Color Database, and will be featured in our new Signature Finish range," said Paddy Dyson HMG Paints marketing manager. “With an overwhelming amount of colour name suggestions we could easily launch a 50 Shades of Green range. Our paints have been used on everything from vehicles and buildings to movie sets and even been to outer space so it will be interesting to see where XFM Ectoplasm ends up.”

The color will be available direct from HMG Paints’ Manchester shop and across the UK from HMG Paints distribution network thanks to the innovative UNIT Lite tinting system and will be offered across multiple systems.

XFM Ectoplasm, HMG Library Code 32054, is available in the latest database update to HMG Paints’ innovative color software ColourBase. ColourBase software is presented in an intuitive and user friendly way to allow distribution partners to mix a range of end products. All information detailing the hardener, thinner and colourant to binder ratios is very clear and perfectly complements the UNIT tinting system.