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Axalta Coating Systems to Invest $10.5 Million in Mexico

August 19, 2014

Axalta Coating Systems has made a commitment to invest $10.5 million in Tlalnepantla, Mexico, to expand capacity to produce resins used in the manufacture of transportation coatings. The investment is intended to enhance and expand the capability of the Tlalnepantla operations center, one of three manufacturing locations for Axalta in Mexico, and headquarters of the company’s businesses in Latin America.

“This investment underscores the company’s commitment to support our continued growth in Mexico with locally produced coatings,” explained Jorge Cossio, president, Latin America for Axalta. “The investment will support Axalta customers in the light vehicle OEM and commercial transportation markets. In addition to manufacturing products for Mexico, the expansion also allows Axalta to better serve the broader Americas market.”

The resin facility will use manufacturing technology designed to improve operational efficiencies, reduce waste and further reduce the environmental footprint from our manufacturing operations. The need for additional resin production is a direct response to customers’ growing interest in Axalta’s environmentally responsible coatings that can meet their expanded production in Mexico.

The Tlalnepantla facility already manufactures coatings for some of the largest global automotive OEM and heavy duty truck manufacturers, as well as Axalta’s market leading refinish brands including Standox, Spies Hecker and Cromax used by many body shops.

“Investing in Mexico reflects not only our commitment to our customers but also our confidence in the country’s OEM’s ability to produce world class vehicles for the global automotive market,” explained Steven Markevich, Senior Vice President and President, OEM Automotive, Axalta. “Our decision to invest in Mexico also is a tribute to our employees and to their dedication both to our company and to our customers.”

Axalta is a leading player in the development of environmentally responsible technology for both light vehicle OEM and refinish applications. The company’s production processes apply technologies for OEM facilities that are designed to significantly reduce volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and energy consumption as well as the investment needed to support traditional coating technology infrastructure. Axalta’s technology includes primerless coatings and 3-Wet coatings that can achieve full layer performance without the need to flash and bake between coats. The increased productivity results in a better bottom line for customers while still producing an unparalleled finish on vehicles.

The commitment to invest in Mexico follows announcements over the past 16 months to expand operations in China, Germany and Brazil.