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AkzoNobel Introduces Intertherm 3350 into the U.S. Protective Coatings Market

August 21, 2014

AkzoNobel’s International brand, a leading provider of protective coatings, linings and fire-protection products, has introduced Intertherm 3350 into the U.S. protective coatings market. The innovative thin film spray-applied insulation coating was specially developed for use in a wide variety of industrial environments.

As a highly effective, buildable formulation, Intertherm 3350 provides facility owners with a superior option for protecting personnel from contact with hot surfaces of up to 350° F (177° C). It is also a highly efficient insulating material that delivers excellent heat and energy conservation, while reducing exposure to Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) often associated with conventional insulation and cladding systems.

According to Chris McMillan, AkzoNobel Protective Coatings’ North American marketing manager, “Unlike bulkier multi-layer insulation systems being used in the market, Intertherm 3350 is super lightweight and easy to install. The coating takes up minimal space, so coated surfaces can be quickly visually inspected. When applied over an approved anticorrosive primer, Intertherm 3350 offers outstanding long-term corrosion and insulation protection.”

Intertherm 3350 can be applied with standard airless spray equipment in the desired number of coats to form a continuous thermal insulation barrier to the underlying substrate, which brings hot surfaces down to safe touch temperatures. The coating’s inherent ease of application also makes the insulation an ideal choice for use in large and complex work areas.