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Sherwin-Williams Launches Sher-Wood SB Stain System

August 21, 2014

Sherwin-Williams Product Finishes announces the Sher-Wood SB Stain System, a next-generation family of spray and wipe stains. Offering fast, repeatable color matching with tight tolerances, the new system ensures batch-to-batch consistency and provides excellent clarity.

An enhanced anti-settling feature boosts the stain’s stability and color dispersion and increases its workability. Sher-Wood SB Stains are available in a full range of colors and require fewer steps to achieve darker colors.
The Sher-Wood SB Stain System will be the first product offering in Sherwin-Williams’ new Aurora Color System, an intuitive stainware program that features an expanded formula library reflecting current trends. Aurora allows customers to quickly produce their own custom stains and share those formulas across their manufacturing sites.

It provides fast color matches and allows customers to create and share custom stain formulas across multiple devices including PCs, MACs and iPads. Aurora also helps customers track inventory, calculate costs and access up-to-the-minute environmental data (such as VOC and HAPs reports) on both single and multi-step (dye, wipe and clear coat) formulas. Customer data is automatically backed up and updated as new products are introduced.
Customers can quickly learn how to use Aurora through Web demos and personal training from Sherwin-Williams technical representatives.

“The Sher-Wood SB Stain System, coupled with the Aurora Color System, makes it easy for manufacturers of kitchen cabinets, furniture and wood and composite building products to achieve consistent colors through repeatable formulas,” said Laura Kelleher, vice president marketing. “We will continue to add to the Aurora system over the coming months to include our full range of products.”