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Nitro Quimica Launches New Product Brand Structure, Expands Portfolio

February 15, 2017

Nitro Quimica presents its new product brand structure along with the expansion of its products and services portfolio. This initiative is aligned with the company efforts to develop and market customized solutions that meet specific needs of its customers in each served segment.

The company boasts the most complete nitrocellulose and derivatives product portfolio worldwide and now offers semi-finished systems ready to formulate inks and varnishes. Over the past years, Nitro Quimica has been investing nearly 2% of its annual revenue in R&D, which enabled the development of products that allow its customers to increase competitiveness and performance through tailor made solutions for markets such as printing inks for flexible packaging, nail polishes, wood and leather surface treatment, automotive repair, special adhesives, among others.

The new extended product portfolio also enables the company to intensify its operation in international markets, which is a strategic driver for Nitro Quimica. In 2016, the company opened a regional office in Vienna, Austria, and announced the acquisition of Alchemix Corporation, North America’s largest producer of USP Collodion (a nitrocellulose-based solution for liquid bandages and dermatological products) and also one of the leading North American chemical solutions company.
Nitro Quimica’s new solutions can be founded under the following product lines:

The NQ COTTON line encompasses all industrial nitrocellulose grades in the cotton format. They vary in viscosity, nitration and wetting agent. This product line covers different specifications for diverse nitrocellulose applications, such as printing inks, nail polishes, automotive refinish, wood coatings, pharmaceutical and many others.

The NQ SOLVE line is designed to allow customers to achieve productivity improvements in the process of dissolving nitrocellulose in cotton format. The product line consists of solutions derived from nitrocellulose portfolio with several options in solvents, such as ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, methyl ethyl ketone, xyleneand acetone, among others. The solutions can be formulated according to customer- specific requirements in all applications where the nitrocellulose is used.

The solutions in the NQSYSTEM line help customers optimize their productivity in paint and varnish manufacturing processes, by incorporating plasticizers into nitrocellulose solutions,providing to customers access to semi-finished systems. The use of plasticizers imparts greater elasticity to nitrocellulose, while improving paints and
coatings adhesion to the substrates in which they are applied.

The NQ SYSTEM+ product line encompasses complete nitrocelulose-based systems that deliver great improvements in productivity and competitiveness.They comprise nitrocelulose, solvents, plasticizers and the most used secondary resins for printing inks, nail polishes, automotive refinish, wood coatings, pharmaceutical and many other industries.

Nitro Quimica’s premium line features products from all the previous categories: NQPRISMA COTTON, NQPRISMA SOLVE, NQPRISMA SYSTEM and NQPRISMA SYSTEM+. They bear the best performance on visual properties, viscosity and water content. These products are recommended for applications that require the highest product quality.