April 28, 2010


We specialize in coatings distribution and packaging solutions.  We can represent you in Europe with sales coverages, logistical facilities, technical support, recruitment and mergers and acquisitions.  

For further details please contact:
Graham Yates
Tel: +44 1428 648111
Tel: +44 1428 648059
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  • Stone Environmental

    Stone Environmental

    November 21, 2014
    Stone Environmental manages the disposal of virtually every kind of printers’ ink including specialty ink, offset ink, flexo ink, letterpress ink, UV/EB ink, graphic arts coating, gravure ink, ink jet ink, screen ink, head set ink, rubber ink, security ink, and water based ink.

  • DOXA Redefine the value of additive

  • Has been established for 40 years in Taiwan

    Has been established for 40 years in Taiwan

    June 9, 2014
    major dealing in Fine and Specialty Chemicals, especially for inks and coatings.