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Oxylink(TM) The additive for better waterborne coatings.

Released by Buhler Group

March 25, 2011

The ready-to-use performance additive.
Be green and better.

Being green means responsible use of resources: Less emissions, less energy, and lower environmental impact. In the paint industry, water based coatings are the most
prominent way to become green. Oxylink™ is one of Buhler’s contributions to being green.
Oxylink™ makes waterborne coatings better, so they can be used where they couldn’t be used before.

Oxylink™ is applicable in clear as well as in pigmentedsystems, in satin and glossy coatings. It is easy to handleand ready-to-use. It benefits coatings for wood and fiber boards, paper and plastics, metals, concrete and asphalt, vitreous and other siliceous substrates.

Oxylink™ – the solution for a broad variety of applications.

Time is money: Oxylink™ reduces drying time and tackiness. The additive increases the productivity of your coating process or printing line. As a result, your production
process runs faster and more efficient. Therefore, Oxylink™ is your contribution to save resources and to reduce CO2-footprint.

Oxylink™ saves you money by increasing your productivity.

Oxylink™ is a high-tech additive based on nanotechnology. The additive improves the cross-linking of the resin from within and thus strengthens the film against impact from the outside.

Oxylink™ brings performance improvements in:
– Humidity resistance
– Chemical resistance
– Corrosion resistance
– Drying time
– Blocking resistance
– Hardness
– Dirt pick-up resistance
– Efflorescence resistance
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