Market Research

American Coatings Association and Chemark Consulting Publish 8th Edition of the "U.S. Paint & Coatings Industry Market Analysis"

May 18, 2010

The American Coatings Association (ACA), in conjunction with CHEMARK Consulting Group, Inc., has published its eighth edition of the "U.S. Paints & Coatings Industry Market Analysis: 2008-2013," which includes, for the first time, a new, optional Interactive Strategic Planning software. The base study of this research report provides users insight into the size, growth rate, market dynamics, customer and competitive movements, and important trends and driving forces within the U.S. paint and coatings industry. 

Purchasers of the base study publication can also supplement it with a new Interactive Strategic Planning Toolkit that further enhances the forecasting capability of the study. This supplementary software program provides purchasers a custom “what if” model that responds to the severe economic volatility that is being experienced today. Users can build on the statistical analysis and forecasting data provided by the market analysis and incorporate it into the software tool to anticipate trends and better plan their business activities. The interactive tool also allows users to view historic data and forecast data on the state and regional level as well as the national. In addition, it allows users to change the value of inputs to the forecast and see what impact the changes may have on their business models. 

Examples of the planning capabilities include determining sales territory planning, advertising analysis, and resource allocation or inventory and production planning through state-level forecasts; evaluating expansion and growth opportunities through state and regional forecasts; and maintain an up-to-date forecast of industry demand as the newest leading indicator data becomes available from different economic data publications. 

Providing in-depth industry analysis, this reference guide details 21 major segments and 81 sub-segments of the coatings industry In addition to the regular chapter on Regulatory Overview, Update and Outlook, this report has included four focused special chapters. The study reviews raw materials supply and pricing, examines the supply chain and distribution channels within each of the major market segments, reviews technology trends and trade impacts, and offers insight into overall market conditions. The report provides a forecast at the national level for each product group, for 2008-2013, using actual historic data. 

The pricing of the study varies for audiences, with special values available for ACA Corporate and Individual members. Please visit for further information.