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Demand for Paint in Japan to Grow in 2010

May 18, 2010

The Japan Paint Manufacturers Association has published data for the demand for paint in Japan for the fiscal year 2010. The predicted total volume is 1,434,000 tons, which is 1.1% more than in the fiscal year 2009. Market sectors predicted to grow in 2010 include new vehicles (226,000 tons, +9.7%); electrical appliances (67,000 tons, +6.3%); metallic products (97,000 tons, +5.4%); and industrial machinery (58,000 tons, +18.4%). Market sectors facing a decline include buildings (364,000 tons, -0.8%); steel structures (76,000 tons, -1.3%); marine usage (111,000 tons, -7.5%); wooden products (26,000 tons, -7.1%); and DIY usage (25,000 tons, -7.4%).
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