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BMW Extends Approval for Standox

August 14, 2013

The Munich-based BMW Group has issued a recommendation to its dealers and importers to use Standox products for repairs of BMW vehicles. The global approval increases the countries covered by four to 36 and forms the basis for further arrangements at local level. The BMW Group endorsement is based on extensive tests during which the car manufacturer’s strict standards were applied to the Standox products.

Standox brand manager Zvonimir Simunovic emphasized that all Standox listed products and processes meet the BMW Group quality demands made on them. “I am very pleased that four additional countries - Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia and Switzerland - have been added to the approval list. With this agreement BMW confirms the high quality of the Standox refinishing products and our services. I am convinced that the BMW Group and our brand will continue to benefit from the partnership going forward,” he said.

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