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WCS Honors Jarry Moore with 2013 Distinguished Service Award

October 23, 2013

Samson-Adler Distinguished Service Award recognizes lifetime service to the coatings industry.

Jarry V. Moore was awarded the 2013 Western Coatings Symposium (WCS) Samson-Adler Distinguished Service Award at this biennial event held October 21-23 in Las Vegas, NV.

Moore comes from a small town in Kansas and attended Kansas State College in Manhattan, KS. He relocated to Tucson, AZ in 1962. In Tucson, Moore began his coatings career at Ohm Research, a company that primarily made roof coatings. In 1966, he relocated to the Phoenix area and began working for Rinchem. In 1972, he took a position for Ribelin.

Twenty-five years later Moore retired from Ribelin, but not before becoming one of the founders of the Arizona Society for Coatings Technology.

According to colleagues, Moore has been an inspiration, a teacher and friend. He taught them a business philosophy that included how important it is to listen to the customer and the customer always comes first.

The first Samson-Adler award winner, Amanda Forbes, said, "I always considered Jarry Mr. Arizona! I had to compete against him in the 80s and 90s. I had the Rheox Line (now Elementis Specialties) of thickeners and Jarry represented R&H at Ribelin sale. He could single handily get every roof coater in the greater Phoenix and Tucson area to come to a Society meeting if Rohm and Haas gave a talk! He truly helped his customers and Ribelin Sales should be eternally grateful to him for putting Ribelin on the map. He would help customers with their formulas and truly cared. Jarry was so supportive of the Society and attended all the meetings."

According to Chuck Ribelin, "Jarry deserves this honor for without his dedication, training and integrity towards everyone in the industry, Ribelin would not have the presence it does today."