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Tnemec’s Unveils New Label Design

November 27, 2013

An important addition to the label was introducing second and third language capability.

Tnemec Company, Inc., a manufacturer of high-performance protective coatings, recently introduced a new product labeling program that combines a distinctive graphic design with multilingual capabilities to meet the diversified needs of its customers. The new label will be phased in over the next few months on all container sizes and related packaging.

“Accommodating both the design and all other components of the label required careful execution given the limited space allotment,” said Mark Thomas, vice president marketing for Tnemec. “Striking the right balance is both an art and a science.”

Each label includes the series number and component part in a large font size, making it easy to identify on the jobsite. Additionally, the brand name, a generic description of the coating, and color number and name are printed with an easy-to-read typeface, on durable paper stock, using fade-resistant inks.

An important addition to the label was introducing second and third language capability. “The ability to connect with non-English speaking customers, both inside and outside the U.S. has become increasingly important in today’s coatings industry,” saidThomas. “Extensive work was required to complete all of the technical translations into French and Spanish - which is the second language on U.S. packaging.”

Technical information on the labels specifies volatile organic compounds (VOCs), surface and storage temperature, volume solids, thinning and mixing ratios, cleanup, pot life and curing times in two languages. In addition, space is available to include Canada’s Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS).

The red and black motif printed on the new label is part of a brand refresh currently being employed by Tnemec. “The new label design is an important part of our overall brand presentation to our customers and achieves a visual cohesiveness across all of our print and digital marketing materials,” Thomas added. “It is essentially the face of our product; we feel this updated look finally compliments the quality that’s always been found inside the container.”

“Tnemec’s product labeling program has come a long way from the company’s original design that was introduced in 1921,” Thomas added. Tnemec’s earliest label referenced both ‘Armor Oil and Chemical Company’ and ‘Tnemec Pure Portland Cement Paint’ together on the same label. Later versions removed the reference to Armor and by 1933 Tnemec had identified itself solely as a coatings manufacturer.
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