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Company Profile on Castolin Eutectic

December 4, 2013

Castolin provides high-quality coatings for customers in industries across a wide range of sectors which include steel, pulp and paper, energy, glass, waste and automotive.

Castolin was founded in 1906, by a Swiss entrepreneur, Jean-Pierre Wasserman.  He discovered how to braze cast iron at low temperatures and offer economical repair of expensive parts. The same tradition continues today with welding and coating technologies. Castolin Eutectic has been providing thermal spray powders and equipment since the 1960s and as part of the Messer World – a German family technology business - it counts 2,700 employees worldwide and generated 2012 annual sales of €580 million. Monitor Coatings was founded in 1927 and is based in North Shields, United Kingdom. 

Castolin’s clients benefit from the following combined surface technology processes: high velocity oxy-fuel (HVOF), thermo-chemical ceramic coatings, sealing and densification technology, air-plasma and low-pressure plasma coatings (including ceramics such as thermal barrier coatings and Nanoparticle derived coatings), arc spray coatings, laser cladding, plasma transfer arc (PTA) cladding solutions and traditional spray and fused coatings.

Castolin provides high-quality coatings for customers in industries across a wide range of sectors which include steel, pulp and paper, energy, glass, waste and automotive. With the acquisition of Monitor, this industry range expanded to include aerospace, oil and gas exploration and alternative energy generation. It is in these hostile and problematic environments that high-performance coatings are critical for viable operations. 

Monitor boasts a comprehensive range of products relating to surface engineering, including a unique combination of high velocity coatings combined with slurry sealants, to enhance the coating characteristics. It also offers a plasma coating facility, and a large range of ceramic coatings, including thermal barrier coatings, which constitute specialist applications for the aerospace industry. With one of the largest low pressure plasma spraying (LPPS) facilities in Europe, it provides an aerospace focus for this specialist low-oxide coating system, dedicated to the coating of large rings and MCrAlY applications.
In the oil and gas industry, directional drilling has opened up affordable access, even to the remotest sources of oil. The techniques involved pose new challenges in material wear to its customers. By developing ultra-dense, high wear-resistant coatings, based on a novel thermal spray and densification process, the company has developed high-tech processes that offer ultimate protection for that drilling equipment. This technology prolongs the life of drilling tools and provides sustainable, durable equipment to the market, thereby significantly reducing costs and minimizing the environmental impact.
Monitor Coatings has earned its market position and reputation on highest performing technology solutions, operating to the highest quality standards, including ISO9001, AS9100 and NADCAP accreditation, according to the company. It has likewise earned  customer approvals from household names such as : Rolls-Royce, Bombardier, Goodrich, FR HiTemp, Tata and Halliburton.

The coatings technology of Castolin Eutectic and Monitor Coatings are at the forefront in the development of thermal spray and hard-facing coatings. Combining these core technologies on an international basis creates leading edge surface solutions and new innovative coatings for our clients across the world,” said Stewart Gibson, global coatings manager of Castolin Eutectic.

“Partnering with Castolin Eutectic gives us the ability to grow faster and serve our customers even better. Castolin Eutectic’s strong international presence and know-how, together with Monitor Coatings’ innovative technology will bolster the offer to our combined client base,” said Dr. Bryan Allcock, former CEO and founder of Monitor Coatings Group, now CEO Castolin Eutectic OilTec Services.

Castolin Eutectic is a truly global company and is present in 100 countries; Monitor Coatings brings with it reinforced positioning via its own facilities in the UK, Singapore and China.  Historically, the European activities are merged under the Castolin name and Eutectic is used in the English-speaking world, after its founding in the U.S., in 1940.  Today, with over 100 years’ experience and development, Castolin Eutectic is present across all five continents and employs 1,600 staff.

Research and Development is a major part of Castolin Eutectic’s culture. Its aim is to provide the best wear and corrosion protection solutions to its customers’ problems. To offer protection via coatings and ultimately with microstructures, Castolin has to constantly nurture its expertise in wear and corrosion and coating performances. The company does this through its experts, who work with the complete range of state-of-the-art advanced microstructural and analytical equipment.  Castolin believes that creating coatings for peak performance can only stem from optimized materials, optimized processes and the ability to identify the right solution, for the right problem.

Similarly, Monitor has a long history of development of new coating systems and industrial applications. Not content with servicing purely traditional thermal spray markets, it pursues new applications for where extreme environments affect the working life of components. Specific research and development programs include formal externally-financed projects, collaborations and agreements, as well as invaluable links with universities, academic institutions and relevant centers of excellence, the Austrian Centre of Competence and Tribology (AC2T) and the University of Cambridge, to name but two.