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Create a Serene Escape with the GLIDDEN and PPG PAINTS Brands

December 5, 2016

Color gives homeowners a nonverbal way to express feelings, emotions and personal style. It can transform a living space and even influence the moods of inhabitants. As leaders in home color, the GLIDDEN® and PPG PAINTS™ brands know this well. In order to make it easier to select a color, the brands have created guidelines that help consumers to create modern, calming spaces in their own homes using trending colors.

Many homeowners want their homes to be peaceful places where they can unwind and relax. Increased stress, clutter and demanding schedules have consumers drawn to neutral, soothing colors in simplified palettes to create harmony and balance.

“Color is one of the principal elements of decor, and it is a powerful way to create memorable, cohesive spaces,” said Karina Jimenez, PPG marketing manager. “It helps us to achieve balance in a room, which is essential for creating a tranquil environment. These elements are key to bringing harmony to spaces where we spend time on a daily basis.”

The Glidden and PPG Paints brands suggest the following tranquil colors for different areas of a home:

Elegant and sophisticated bedrooms

    For those seeking a classic yet calming escape from the stress of daily life, try Glidden paint’s Unicorn White (10YY 64/048), Stone Harbor (10YY 48/071), or Quiet Hideaway (81YY 81/016).
    Combine these graceful neutrals with tones such as Glidden paint’s Approaching Storm (90BG 11/101), Whistler (50GG 55/049) or Indian Summer (30YR 26/330) to add a touch of color.

Joyful and serene common areas

    Create a charming and pleasant living room in which to entertain or unwind by pairing earthy yellows such as Glidden paint’s Costa Mesa (45YY 67/259) and cool whites such as White On White (30GY 88/014) with a muted green like Khaki Green (60YY 33/130).
    For harmony and unity in the entire home, incorporate hints of these colors in other décor elements such as drapery, pillows and furniture.

Relaxed and natural terraces

    To create a relaxed atmosphere inspired by nature, use colors such as the PPG Paints brand’s Photo Gray (PPG1029-4), Mostly Metal (PPG1036-7) or Leafy Romaine (PPG11-14). Add doses of clean white with Delicate White (PPG1001-1), pops of color with a warm blue like Blueberry Muffin (PPG1164-5) or fun yellow like Dilly Dally (PPG1213-6).
    Nature-inspired paint colors pair beautifully with natural wood, stone and greenery.

PPG operates more than 40 Glidden paint and PPG Paints stores around the island, providing customers with product and color advice to protect and beautify their homes. To learn more, visit or For more inspiration, visit the Glidden paint page at

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