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**Correction: Dur-A-Flex flooring system earns national safety certification

May 23, 2012

**Correction Notice: Below is an amended version of the same previously published news.

One of Dur-A-Flex’s floor systems has been certified by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) for slip resistance. The NFSI provided Dur-A-Flex with the means to have their Dur-A-Quartz with Armor Top epoxy flooring system independently evaluated for slip resistance. Once the system passed the agency’s evaluations, it was placed on the NFSI’s Certified Products list, which is accessible by facility owners looking to make more informed buying decisions. According to the NFSI, walking surfaces are most likely to be identified as the primary cause of a slip, trip-and-fall accident and comprise 55 percent of all falls. Comprised of more than ten years of researching various test methods by which walkway materials, coatings, chemical cleaning agents and treatments can be evaluated for their degree of slip resistance, the NFSI has a comprehensive evaluation process. In order for Dur-A-Flex’s Dur-A-Quartz with Armor Top to achieve the NFSI’s certification status, the flooring system had to pass a laboratory phase and a field test. The epoxy system passed both evaluations and exceeded the minimum accepted scores earning a “high traction” determination by the NFSI.

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