PPG Introduces D8115 Matte & D8117 Semi-Gloss Clearcoat for Automotive Refinish

January 17, 2013

PPG Industries'  automotive refinish business has expanded the PPG Global Refinish System line with the addition of two new versatile, reduced-gloss clearcoats, D8115 Matte and D8117 Semi-Gloss. The new clearcoats make up the Matte Clearcoat System and are formulated to allow a wide range of low gloss finish levels.

D8115 Matte and D8117 Semi-Gloss clearcoats provide an extremely uniform, low-gloss finish. They are suitable for stand-alone use or in combination, with each other or with other PPG products, to match OEM (original equipment manufacturer) gloss levels and to produce striking custom finishes. In addition, they can be used over rigid plastics without the need for additional flex additives.

PPG matte clearcoats have long been recognized by OEMs for delivering quality low-gloss finishes. That continues with PPG's D8115 Matte and D8117 Semi-Gloss clearcoats, which both have been approved by Lamborghini, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, General Motors, Chrysler and other OEMs for refinish use on their vehicles.

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