BASF Coatings patents electrophoretic paint

November 30, -0001

U.S. 8,152,983 B2

BASF Coatings GmbH has obtained a patent for a method of making an electrocoat composition, which is 5% to 35% by weight solids, comprised of combining at least one binder comprised of at least one group that is a potentially cationic ammonium group and/or cationic ammonium group, and one or more reactive functional groups which with complementary reactive functional groups in a crosslinking agent are able to undergo thermal crosslinking reactions, at least one crosslinking agent comprised of the complementary reactive functional groups, from 0.2% to 5% by weight, based on solids in the composition, of a bismuth subsalicylate compound having an empirical formula of C7H5O4Bi that is water-insoluble and pulverulent, wherein the bismuth subsalicylate has a bismuth content of from 56.5% to 60% by weight; pigments selected from the group consisting of color pigments, effect pigments, electrically conductive pigments, magnetically shielding pigments, fluorescent pigments, extender pigments, anticorrosion pigments, organic pigments, inorganic pigments, and mixtures comprised of at least one of the foregoing; and a grinding resin; wherein the electrocoat composition is made by mixing and milling the grinding resin and the pigments, in combination with the bismuth subsalicylate, in a means for obtaining fineness of mixture to form a storage stable pigment paste, and then combining the pigment paste with a dispersion comprised of the binder and crosslinking agent.

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