Reactive Surfaces Patents Self-decontaminating Additives in North America, Europe and Pacific Rim

November 8, 2010

Reactive Surfaces extended protection of its self-decontaminating coating additive compositions worldwide with the grants of patents in Great Britain, Hong Kong, Australia and Canada. The patented compositions comprise enzymatic additives which when admixed into a coating when applied to a substrate result in a highly stable, long-lasting coated surface capable of rapidly and continuously catalyzing the decontamination of organophosphorus neurotoxins, such as pesticides and nerve gases, that come into contact with the surface.

The granted claims vary slightly by country but are generally directed to both permanent and temporary coatings that are liquid, liquefiable or mastic in nature. The coatings comprise a variety of both naturally-occurring and genetically-modified hydrolase enzymes delivered in a dry bacterial cell powder or liquid formulation at loading rates of between approximately 0.001 percent up to approximately 40 percent by weight or volume in coatings applied at five microns thickness and greater. The types of coatings shown to be amenable to functionalization by the claimed additives include a variety of coating types and multicoat systems. Also claimed are methods for self-decontaminating coated surfaces using the claimed coatings and multicoat systems.

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