Product Spec Sheets

AquaBead® 916

Released by Micro Powders, Inc.

July 29, 2013

AQUABEAD 916 is a specially formulated wax polymer which will impart immediate and long-lasting water repellency when added to stains, paints and coatings. AQUABEAD 916 is finely micronized for easy dispersion and addition by means of conventional mixing equipment. The unique composition of AQUABEAD 916 combines the synergistic properties of several waxes to produce consistent, long-lasting water beading and weather resistance.

AQUABEAD 916 has been formulated with higher molecular weight and harder polymers for longer lasting water repellency in both penetrating and non-penetrating systems.

Typical usage levels based on total formula weight are 2% for vertical surfaces and 4% for horizontal surfaces. The AQUABEAD grades are effective in paints, stains and coatings over wood, masonry, metal and leather substrates. In matte finishes, AQUABEAD can be used in combination with silicas to improve weather resistance. AQUABEAD 916 has been designed to provide a uniform matting effect (without chalking) and long lasting moisture repellency for clear varnish stains.